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Sea Shore

"Sea Change"


An exclusive 1:1 coaching course for women ready to dive deep. This 12 session course cultivates profound transformation and a true Soul awakening.


Meet Your Spiritual Coach

Debra Arlyn Rose is an award winning Soul Singer Songwriter, Spiritual Coach, published Writer, Psychic Empath, Energy Healer, Akashic records reader, Tarot reader, and dedicated Mother.


Her specialty is guiding women through significant life transitions, deepening their Self understanding, empowering their Self expression, and connecting them to Soul purpose. 

"Being in a coaching relationship with Debra feels like a journey into seeing my soul. It's a crossing, and you don't know what's on the other side, until you arrive there - together."

~ Carey ~

"I took her course, it was the best decision I ever made. Thank you Debra for shining your light on me."

~ Emebet ~

"A truly beautiful reading that brought me to tears in the end. Everything you said was such a heartfelt and needed confirmation. You have a gift! I so appreciate this reading and your beautiful soul." 


~ Kelsey ~

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~ FYI ~

Every session includes compassionate conversations and plenty of time and space to work with what is coming up for you in your daily life. This course is also structured in a way to lead you step by step through healing, growing, strengthening, and moving towards empowered thriving! 

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Sessions 1 & 2

~ Beginning grounding techniques 

~ Root chakra focus & energy clearing

~ Discovering Strengths & true Self

~ Guided "Inner Child" meditations

Sessions 3 & 4

~ Discover Enneagram personality

~ Sacral chakra focus & energy clearing 

~ Guided "Womb Wisdom" meditation

 ~ Beginning dream journaling & interpretation

Sessions 5 & 6

~ Intro to crystal healing

~ Solar plexus focus & clearing 

~ Masculine & Feminine energy education

~ Guided journaling 

~ Beginning Jungian Shadow work

Sessions 7 & 8

~ Reframing limiting beliefs

~ Heart chakra focus & energy clearing

~ Working to heal & release triggers 

~ Codependency education

~ Guided journaling 

~ Akashic records reading

Sessions 9 & 10

~ Intro to Non Violent Communication 

~ Throat chakra focus & energy clearing

~ Jungian Shadow work 

~ Guided vocal meditations

~ Creative/artistic healing techniques

Sessions 11 & 12

~ "Soul Remembering" guided meditation

~ Third Eye chakra focus & energy clearing

~ "Emotional Sobriety" framework

~ Goal setting & visualizations

~ Live Tarot Reading

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